Atmospheric circulation and surface observations [in “State of the Climate in 2021”]


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Authors: Clem, Kyle R., Raphael, Marilyn N., Adusumilli, Susheel, Baiman, Rebecca, Banwell, Alison F., Barreira, Sandra, Beadling, Rebecca L., Colwell, Steve, Coy, Lawrence, Datta, Rajashree T., De Laat, Jos, Dunmire, Devon, Fogt, Ryan L., Freeman, Natalie M., Fricker, Helen Amanda, Gardner, Alex S., Johnson, Bryan, Keller, Linda M., Kramarova, Natalya A., Lazzara, Matthew A., Lieser, Jan L., MacFerrin, Michael, MacGilchrist, Graeme A., MacLennan, Michelle L., Massom, Robert A., Mazloff, Matthew R., Mote, Thomas L., Nash, Eric R., Newman, Paul A., Norton, Taylor, Petropavlovskikh, Irina, Pitts, Michael, Reid, Phillip, Santee, Michelle L., Scambos, Ted A., Shi, Jia-Rui, Stammerjohn, Sharon, Strahan, Susan E., Thompson, Andrew F., Wille, Jonathan D., Wilson, Earle

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1 August, 2022
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society / 103
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