Aspects of Scotia Sea zooplankton

Information on small scale distributions of three species of Antarctic zooplankton is reviewed. Aggregations of the euphausiid Euphausia superba, the tunicate Salpa thompsoni, and the amphipod Parathemisto gaudichaudii are compared, and the manner in which such aggregations mav arise is discussed. A possible relationship between swarming and feeding activity in E. superba is suggested in which krill are thought to be dispersed whilst feeding but that on repletion they swarm. It is thought that this may account for this species' irregular spatial distribution as recorded bv previous expeditions. A further consequence of this theory is that during the Winter swarming will be minimal.


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Authors: Everson, Inigo, Ward, Peter

On this site: Peter Ward
1 January, 1980
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society / 14
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