Arctic and Antarctic polar winter NOx and energetic particle precipitation in 2002-2006

We report GOMOS nighttime observations of middle atmosphere NO2 and O-3 profiles during eight recent polar winters in the Arctic and Antarctic. The NO2 measurements are used to study the effects of energetic particle precipitation and further downward transport of polar NOx. During seven of the eight observed winters NOx enhancements occur in good correlation with levels of enhanced high-energy particle precipitation and/or geomagnetic activity as indicated by the Ap index. We find a nearly linear relationship between the average winter time Ap index and upper stratospheric polar winter NO2 column density in both hemispheres. In the Arctic winter 2005 - 2006 the NOx enhancement is higher than expected from the geomagnetic conditions, indicating the importance of changing meteorological conditions.


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Authors: Seppälä, Annika, Verronen, Pekka T., Clilverd, Mark A. ORCIDORCID record for Mark A. Clilverd, Randall, Cora E., Tamminen, Johanna, Sofieva, Viktoria, Backman, Leif, Kyrölä, Erkki

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1 June, 2007
Geophysical Research Letters / 34
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