Antarctic sea ice over the past 130,000 years, Part 1: A review of what proxy records tell us [in review]

Antarctic sea ice plays a critical role in the Earth system, influencing energy, heat, and freshwater fluxes, air-sea gas exchange, ice shelf dynamics, ocean circulation, nutrient cycling, marine productivity, and global carbon cycling. However, accurate simulation of recent sea-ice changes remains challenging, and therefore projecting future sea-ice changes and their influence on the global climate system is uncertain. Reconstructing past changes in sea-ice cover can provide additional insights into climate feedbacks within the Earth system at different timescales. This paper is the first of two review papers from the Cycles of Sea Ice Dynamics in the Earth system (C-SIDE) Working Group. In this first paper, we review marine- and ice core-based sea-ice proxies and reconstructions of sea-ice changes throughout the last glacial-interglacial cycle.


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Authors: Crosta, Xavier, Kohfeld, Karen E., Bostock, Helen C., Chadwick, Matthew ORCIDORCID record for Matthew Chadwick, Du Vivier, Alice, Esper, Oliver, Etourneau, Johan, Jones, Jacob, Leventer, Amy, Müller, Juliane, Rhodes, Rachel H., Allen, Claire S. ORCIDORCID record for Claire S. Allen, Ghadi, Pooja, Lamping, Nele, Lange, Carina, Lawler, Kelly-Anne, Lund, David, Marzocchi, Alice, Meissner, Katrin J., Menviel, Laurie, Nair, Abhilash, Patterson, Molly, Pike, Jennifer, Prebble, Joseph G., Riesselman, Christina, Sadatzki, Henrik, Sime, Louise C. ORCIDORCID record for Louise C. Sime, Shukla, Sunil K., Thöle, Lena, Vorrath, Maria-Elena, Xiao, Wenshen, Yang, Jiao

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6 April, 2022
Climate of the Past
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