Antarctic and sub-Antarctic Asteroidea database

The present dataset is a compilation of georeferenced occurrences of asteroids (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) in the Southern Ocean. Occurrence data south of 45°S latitude were mined from various sources together with information regarding the taxonomy, the sampling source and sampling sites when available. Records from 1872 to 2016 were thoroughly checked to ensure the quality of a dataset that reaches a total of 13,840 occurrences from 4,580 unique sampling events. Information regarding the reproductive strategy (brooders vs. broadcasters) of 63 species is also made available. This dataset represents the most exhaustive occurrence database on Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic asteroids.


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Authors: Moreau, Camille, Mah, Christopher, Agüera, Antonio, Améziane, Nadia, Barnes, David ORCIDORCID record for David Barnes, Crokaert, Guillaume, Eléaume, Marc, Griffiths, Huw ORCIDORCID record for Huw Griffiths, Guillaumot, Charlène, Hemery, Lenaïg G., Jażdżewska, Anna, Jossart, Quentin, Laptikhovsky, Vladimir, Linse, Katrin ORCIDORCID record for Katrin Linse, Neill, Kate, Sands, Chester ORCIDORCID record for Chester Sands, Saucède, Thomas, Schiaparelli, Stefano, Siciński, Jacek, Vasset, Noémie, Danis, Bruno

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1 April, 2018
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