An empirical model of the Earth’s horizontal wind fields: HWM07

The new Horizontal Wind Model (HWM07) provides a statistical representation of the horizontal wind fields of the Earth's atmosphere from the ground to the exosphere (0-500 km). It represents over 50 years of satellite, rocket, and ground-based wind measurements via a compact Fortran 90 subroutine. The computer model is a function of geographic location, altitude, day of the year, solar local time, and geomagnetic activity. It includes representations of the zonal mean circulation, stationary planetary waves, migrating tides, and the seasonal modulation thereof. HWM07 is composed of two components, a quiet time component for the background state described in this paper and a geomagnetic storm time component (DWM07) described in a companion paper.


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Authors: Drob, D.P., Emmert, J.T., Crowley, G., Picone, J.M., Shepherd, G.G., Skinner, W., Hays, P., Niciejewski, R.J., Larsen, M., She, C.Y., Meriwether, J.W., Hernandez, G., Jarvis, Martin J., Sipler, D.P., Tepley, C.A., O'Brien, M.S., Bowman, J.R., Wu, Q., Murayama, Y., Kawamura, S., Reid, I.M., Vincent, R.A.

1 January, 2008
Journal of Geophysical Research / 113
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