Addendum to the Geological Society’s “Statement on Climate Change: Evidence from the Geological Record”

The Geological Society published a Statement on 'Climate Change: Evidence from the Geological Record' in November 2010. In light of further research that has been published since then, the Geological Society reconvened the expert working group that drafted the 2010 Climate Change Statement to consider whether it was still fit for purpose, and if necessary to amend or add to it. The working group and Council have concluded that the 2010 Climate Change Statement continues to be valid, and does not need to be amended. Instead, the working group has produced an addendum setting out new research findings relevant to the questions raised in the original statement.


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Authors: Summerhayes, C.P, Cann, J.R., Wolff, E.W., Larter, R. ORCIDORCID record for R. Larter, Lowe, J.J., McCave, I.N., Valdes, P.J., Cohen, A., Francis, J.E., Bilham, N.T.

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1 December, 2013