Accurate derivation of total and stratospheric vertical columns of NO2 from ground-based zenith-sky measurements

A new method for retrieving the vertical profile of NO2 from ground-based measurements is applied to four months of measurements made at Aberdeen (57°N) during part of SESAME from November 1994 to April 1995. The retrieval method is shown to be an invaluable tool both for deriving the true NO2 vertical column and for removing the tropospheric contribution to the vertical column. This dramatically reduces the effects of tropospheric pollution in the observations and enables a more appropriate comparison with stratospheric 3-D model results. The comparison confirms the accuracy of the model's transport and its reactive nitrogen photochemistry, although there are some detailed discrepancies.


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Authors: Preston, K. E., Fish, D. J., Roscoe, H. K., Jones, R. L.

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1 January, 1998
Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry / 30
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