A geological constraint on relative sea level in Marine Isotope Stage 3 in the Larsemann Hills, Lambert Glacier region, East Antarctica (31 366–33 228 cal yr BP).

In this paper we present geological evidence from the Larsemann Hills (Lambert Glacier – Amery Ice Shelf region, East Antarctica) of marine sediments at an altitude of c. 8 m a.s.l., as revealed by diatom, pigment and geochemical proxies in a lake sediment core. The sediments yielded radiocarbon dates between c. 26 650 and 28 750 14C yr BP (31 366–33 228 cal yr BP). This information can be used to constrain relative sea level adjacent to the Lambert Glacier at the end of Marine Isotope Stage 3. These data are compared with the age and altitude of Marine Isotope Stage 3 marine deposits elsewhere in East Antarctica and discussed with reference to late Quaternary ice sheet history and eustatic sea-level change.


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Authors: Hodgson, Dominic ORCIDORCID record for Dominic Hodgson, Verleyen, Elie, Vyyerman, Wim, Sabbe, Koen, Leng, Melanie J. ORCIDORCID record for Melanie J. Leng, Pickering, Matthew D., Keely, Brendan J.

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1 January, 2009
Quaternary Science Reviews / 28
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