A compilation of parameters for a krill-fishery predator model of the Scotia Sea and Antarctic Peninsula (working paper version)

We describe the compilation and derivation of parameters for use in krill-fishery-predator models of the Scotia Sea – Antarctic Peninsula region. The primary aim is to provide input for the model developed by Watters et al. (2006), which we use to define the required parameters. However, these parameters should be applicable to other models of the system. Our methods include the use of weighted averages to derive “generic” parameters from multiple species in a taxonomic group, and the derivation of potential krill transport rates from the OCCAM global ocean circulation model. This parameter set, like most others, is associated with considerable uncertainty, which must be taken into account when it is used. We have therefore documented our sources, assumptions and calculations at every stage of the compilation process. Our calculations suggest that myctophid fish are the major consumers of Antractic krill in the Scotia Sea –Antarctic Peninsula region.


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Authors: Hill, Simeon ORCIDORCID record for Simeon Hill, Reid, Keith, Thorpe, Sally ORCIDORCID record for Sally Thorpe, Hinke, Jefferson, Watters, George

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2 April, 2012