Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea / Graham Land and South Shetland Islands

Series: BAS Miscellaneous

Series number: 13

Scale: 1:3 000 000 / 1:1 000 000

Edition: 4

Published: 2021

Size: 84 x 110 cm

Size Folded: 22.5 x 13.5 cm

Format: Double-sided, Flat or Folded

ISBN: Folded 978-0-85665-225-7, Flat 978-0-85665-226-4


This double-sided map provides a regional overview of the Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea area on side A with more detailed coverage of the northern Antarctic Peninsula region on side B.

Side A: 1: 3 000 000 scale. This map covers the South Orkney and South Shetland islands, Antarctic Peninsula, Ellsworth Mountains, Weddell Sea, Pensacola Mountains, Shackleton Range and Brunt Ice Shelf. It shows topographic details including: Coastline; ice shelves; rock exposure; contours, selected mountain summit heights and hill-shaded terrain; major place names; permanent Scientific Research Stations and bathymetry. There is also a fact box with geographical information about Antarctica such as areas of major features and highest mountains.

Side B: 1: 1 000 000 scale. This map covers the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula as far south as Marguerite Bay at 69°30′. It shows topographic features in more detail than side A; more comprehensive place names; permanent and summer-only Scientific Research Stations and Historic Sites and Monuments.