Adelaide Island and Arrowsmith Peninsula

Series: BAS 250P

Series number: SQ 19-20/14 (extended)

Scale: 1:250 000

Edition: 2

Published: 2017

Size: 84 x 88 cm

Size Folded: 22.5 x 13.5 cm

Format: Double-sided, Flat or Folded

ISBN: Folded 978-0-85665-195-3: Flat 978-0-85665-198-4


This double-sided map features both a topographic and a satellite image map. Its area coverage includes Rothera Research Station (UK), San Martin Station (Argentina) and Teniente Luis Carvajal Station (Chile), as well as previous UK bases, now historic sites, at Detaille Island, Horseshoe Island and Stonington Island.

Side A: Shows topographic information including: Coastline; rock exposure; elevation information as contours and selected mountain summit heights; all UK place-names; scientific research stations; Historic Sites and Monuments (HSMs) and Antarctic Specially Protected Areas (ASPAs).

Side B: Shows a Landsat 8 satellite image mosaic of the area with coastline and selected place-names, and includes historical notes about the exploration of the area.

The map is printed on water-resistant paper and the folded version comes in a card cover.