Research projects



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turbulence probe over sea ice

Arctic Summer-time Cyclones

The Arctic Summer-time Cyclone Project is a joint project of scientists from the University of Reading, University of East Anglia and the British Antarctic Survey with expertise in atmospheric dynamics, …

A airplane that is covered in snow.

Joint Airborne Study of the Peninsula Region (JASPER)

JASPER brings together two of the best equipped Polar meteorology instrumented aircraft and teams to study boundary layer meteorology in the Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea. A joint project between …

A close up of a snow covered slope

Orographic Flows and the Climate of the Antarctic Peninsula (OFCAP)

OFCAP is an integrated programme of field observations, analysis and modelling aimed at understanding how the westerly winds in the Antarctic Peninsula interact with the mountains and influence the climate …

Space Weather Observatory

Assessing Space Weather impacts