Virtual Antarctica – Signy Demo VR360

Virtual Antarctica - Signy Demo VR360 environments

VR360 scans at Signy Research Station to show the main station building and Generator Shed.

The scans are to demonstrate the capabilities of the VR360 camera technology and allow viewers to walk around parts of our station in a virtual world. Going forward, such spaces will be linked and include embedded sounds and video. This will form the basis a Virtual Tour to Antarctica:

This following are the auto-generated VR360 files of the buildings at Signy Station.
Please explore!
Matterport instruction bar for VR360 files
Signy Research Station main accommodation, office and laboratories building:
 The Generator Shed at Signy Station
The following is a scan of the walkways around Signy to demonstrate the outside capabilities. This will shortly link to the above models allowing users not just to walk around the inside of buildings, but also walk between them… watch this space!:

Example still image outputs

To the left is the ‘dolls house’ view of the VR360 scans, to the right the ‘walk around’ view from those scans
Screen grabs to show how the levels display both combined and separately in the 3D ‘dolls house’ view
Internal images from within the Signy Station VR file