Falkland Islands Office, Stanley, Falkland Islands

Lat. 51°40'0"S, Long. 59°51'0"W

Most of the BAS staff travelling to and from Antarctica transit through Stanley each Antarctic summer – more than 500 personnel each year.

In addition, all Antarctic mail and the majority of freight transits through the Falkland Islands.

The BAS de Haviland Dash-7 at Stanley Airport in the Falkland Islands.


Supporting personnel

The BAS office in Stanley books all accommodation for BAS personnel transiting through Stanley – both south and north-bound – and arranges transport to and from ships/aircraft.

We also support BAS personnel requiring medical or dental assistance by arranging appointments and follow-up action taken as necessary.

The British Antarctic Survey Office in Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

Supporting ships and aircraft

RRS Sir David Attenborough will frequently call into the Falkland Islands to load and discharge cargo, berthing at either at Stanley or Mare Harbour Military Port. In addition to the BAS ship, the Royal Naval ship, HMS Protector, also supports the BAS science.

The Logistics Coordinator arranges the ships’ berthing arrangements and work requirements. This includes the removal of waste, sullage and provision of fresh water, cargo, customs and immigration, passengers, fresh food, official mail and arranging linesmen.

On occasions there will be official receptions held onboard the ships. The Stanley Office will send out the invitations, liaising closely with the ships’ master. School visits to the ships are coordinated between the ships’ crew and the Stanley Office.

The Logistics Coordinator also supports BAS aircraft, dealing with all incoming and outgoing passengers, freight and mail. The Logistics Coordinator arranges clearance and transport to and from Stanley airport for passengers.

The Stanley Office is also responsible for:

  • paying invoices for BAS ships, stations and the BAS Air Unit
  • dealing with suppliers both (Falkland Islands and MoD)
  • liaising with South American agents based in Punta Arenas
  • ordering and delivering fresh produce to the Dash-7 aircraft for Rothera and Halley

At the end of each Antarctic season, the Logistics Coordinator arranges sale of surplus items from the research stations.


The BAS Stanley office is centrally situated on Ross Road, Stanley, East Falkland Island.

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Supply Chain Logistics, Falkland Islands

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