NERC ARF Remote Sensing Instrument Suite

The NERC ARF operate a comprehensive suite of passive remote sensing instruments and LiDAR. These instruments are operated simultaneously to allow a synergistic data representation of the surface for analysis by research groups using these data. We also deploy a set of ancillary devices for recording the attitude and position of the aircraft and basic meteorological and atmospheric parameters.

Remote Sensing Instruments

Our instrument suite covers spectral bands from 400 up to 2500 nm and from 7.6 to 12.5 um and therefore allows hyperspectral imaging spectrometric data in the VNIR, SWIR and LWIR. Currently deployed instruments include:

For more detailed information on each of the above sensors, please follow the links provided. For a detailed spreadsheet of the variations of pixel resolution, swath width etc. with flying height for all the above instruments, please download our ‘ready reckoner’ and ‘pixel size calculator’.


See also for details concerning BAS’s Mapping and Geographic Information Centre (MAGIC)’s Intergraph’s Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC).