9 January, 2009

Her Majesty the Queen has awarded four members of British Antarctic Survey  the Polar Medal for outstanding service to the UK.

The Polar Medal was instituted in 1904 for members of Captain Scott’s first expedition to the Antarctica. Regulations required that ‘acquisition of knowledge of polar regions shall normally be ten years such service to be considered a medal’. Greater emphasis is now placed on individual service. Our congratulations go to our colleagues.

Antarctic and & Arctic to 2008, a second clasp awarded to Professor Andrew Clarke. Professor Andrew Clarke – Professor Andrew Clarke

Polar Medal, Antarctic to 2007 awarded to Michael Derek Forward, Chief Engineer with the RRS Ernest Shackleton

Polar Medal, Antarctic & Arctic 2008 awarded to Dr Adrian Fox, Head of Mapping and Geographic Information Centre, BAS

Polar Medal, Antarctic to 2008, awarded Penny Granger, Dental Officer, British Antarctic Survey.

Polar Medal, Antarctic to 2008, awarded to Professor Lloyd Peck.PhD, Biologist, British Antarctic Survey.

Windfall films production company filming Lloyd Peck on location in The Falkland Islands. They produced Lloyd Peck’s Royal Institute Christmas Lectures 2004.