27 October, 2015 News stories

Tender opportunity for drone to be used in the Polar Regions

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is tendering for the delivery of a long range Unmanned Air System (UAS) for use in the Polar Regions. Using UAS means previously difficult to reach areas can be accessed and science measurements collected across terrain that is inaccessible or dangerous.

Crevasses where the English Coast meets George VI Sound
Large crevasse fields prove a challenge for scientists to access

The UAS or drone will enable BAS to collect a range of scientific data from inaccessible parts of the continents, especially near its main stations on the Antarctic continent.

BAS Head of Airborne Survey Technology Carl Robinson said:

“We are looking for a partner who is excited about working with us to deliver these important new platforms to British Antarctic Survey. With the inclusion of UAS’s in our choice of platforms many new and previously unconsidered science projects will be achieved. Once we have a system in place we will have the right tools to achieve these important missions at the right time of year when the BAS Twin Otter aircraft are not available to undertake science projects.”

This tender is available on Tenders Electronic Daily and below: