14 June, 2017

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is delighted to be participating in this year’s Bluedot music festival in Macclesfield 7-9 July. The event, which last year attracted over 20,000 visitors, is billed as an intergalactic festival of music, science, arts, culture and the exploration of space.

BAS is exhibiting in the Mission Control at Bluedot 2017

The new polar ship RRS Sir David Attenborough, scientific robotics and science specimens will be on display as part of the BAS exhibition in the Mission Control area.  Younger visitors will get a chance to try on polar clothing, try some polar field food, make their own research ship out of Lego, and become a polar explorer.

BAS Director Prof Dame Jane Francis will talk about ‘when Antarctica was green’ on Saturday 8 July at 11.45am and BAS glaciologist Dr Robert Mulvaney will talk about ‘EPICA: the hunt for the oldest ice on Earth’ on Sunday at 12.30pm. Both events take place on the main stage in Mission Control.

A scale model of the new polar ship, RRS Sir David Attenborough, will be on display at Bluedot. Render by Rolls Royce

Bluedot is an award-winning festival of discovery at the grounds of a deep space observatory. Set against a backdrop of the iconic Lovell Telescope at Jodrell Bank, it combines a truly stellar line-up of music with a n exciting programme of live science experiments, expert talks and immersive artworks.

In an era of political divisiveness and environmental uncertainty, Bluedot aims to cultivate a unifying celebration for citizens of the world. Its 2017 message is loud and clear: look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. (Carl Sagan, 1934—1996).

Book your tickets now: www.discoverthebluedot.com/