2 May, 2014

BAS Scientist receives prestigious award

BAS oceanographer, Dr Emily Shuckburgh, has been presented with the Rosenstiel Award at a ceremony in Miami in the United States.

The Rosenstiel Award, created through a generous endowment from the Rosenstiel Foundation, honours scientists who, in the past decade, have made a significant impact in their field. It recognises scientists for their contributions to marine science. Dr. Shuckburgh, who leads the Open Oceans research group at BAS, is the 40th recipient of the Award.

She was awarded the honour for her outstanding research and for the excellent example she sets in communicating and educating the public about climate change.

Dr. Shuckburgh said:

“It is a great honour to receive this award. It underlines the importance of advancing our knowledge of the Polar Oceans. Despite their remoteness, they have the potential to generate changes on our doorstep through their impact on sea level rise and on changing weather systems, the details of which we are still grappling to understand through active research. I hope the award also serves to inspire a new generation of scientists.”


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