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Chris, communications systems engineer

Chris was born in Halesowen in the Black Country near Birmingham and now lives in Cambridge. Previously a BBC Engineer, Chris has been with BAS as a Communications Systems Engineer for 9 years.

On first applying to BAS, he had no real idea on what to expect, he only sensed that it was a unique job where he hoped to combine his profession with the opportunity to work in an amazing environment.

Chris was surprised at the amount of scope he was given to enhance and develop the Antarctic communications systems and for him this has been the most enjoyable part of the job.

The role of communications systems engineer

In simple terms, Chris is responsible for the delivery of communication systems and services for the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge and the Antarctic.

Life in Antarctica

The most fascinating part of Chris’s job is working with a wide variety of people, and being able to experience the Antarctic and its wildlife. “Life there is extremely comfortable these days. There is plenty of room for personal space, and many opportunities for various leisure activities. The food is excellent and although sometimes challenging, working conditions are very interesting with a good team spirit most of the time!”

In the Antarctic Chris has had many adventures including snowboarding, cross country skiing and boating, as well as learning to drive and operate many different specialist vehicles.

Amazing experience

Not many people can boast of working right in the middle of the fur seal colony for a month on Bird Island in South Georgia.

There is a downside of course, and that is missing the family when away and when Chris is in Cambridge,

everything is so flat!