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Are you ready to explore the world from your living room? British Antarctic Survey scientists are taking part in the online Global Biodiversity Festival 2021. The Global Biodiversity Festival is a virtual weekend for the general public, with the goal of shining a spotlight on biodiversity loss.

British Antarctic Survey events in the schedule include:

  • Saturday 22 May

12:30pm BST – BAS mapping expert Peter Fretwell joins Rod Downie to discuss researching walruses from space! Learn more about the Wildlife from Space project here.

1:30pm BST – Rothera marine assistant Ryan Mathews explains water sampling at the bottom of the world!

7:30pm BST – Professor Dame Jane Francis, Director of BAS, will present ‘From Forests to Icesheets: Antarctica’s Transition from Greenhouse to Icehouse.’ Ahead of the event, you can enjoy a previous online talk from Jane here.

A man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera
Peter Fretwell
A man holding a fish in the water
Ryan Mathews
A person posing for the camera.
Jane Francis








  • Sunday 23 May
Smiling at the camera
Nadia Frontier

3:00pm BST – Rothera marine biologist Nadia Frontier talks about diving into Antarctic habitats. Meet Nadia in her great Antarctic blog series here.





For more information and registration for the Global Biodiversity Festival, please click here.


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