Volcanoes of the Antarctic Plate and Southern Ocean

This volume attempts to present both a comprehensive overview of the south polar and subpolar volcanic provinces, and summary data on the status of knowledge of each volcano or volcano group. This broad region, covering roughly 6% of the Earth's surface, is infrequently visited and yet truly international. Its geoscience literature is dispersed in many journals, monographs, symposium volumes, and expedition reports, in many nations, and we hope that this summary will make it more widely available. The preparation of the volume has been a project of the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI) through its Working Group on Antarctic Volcanology. It represents a substantial update and expansion of IAVCEI's 1960 Catalogue of Active Volcanoes for Antarctica (edited by W.H. Berninghausen and M. Neumann van Padang).


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Authors: LeMasurier, W.E., Thomson, J.W., Baker, P.E., Kyle, P.R., Rowley, P.D., Smellie, J.L., Verwoerd, W.J.

1 January, 1990
In: Volcanoes of the Antarctic Plate and Southern Oceans, Washington, D.C., American Geophysical Union, 487 pp.
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