Renormalization-group study of a sandpile (FSOC)analog for magnetospheric activity

It has been suggested that the dynamics of the magnetotail may exhibit forced and/or self-organized critical behaviour. Recent analysis of experimental data seem to be in concert with this idea. These suggestions and indications have re-motivated interest in sandpile (avalanche) models. Some examples of specific interest for geomagnetic activity have the property that internal avalanches exhibit inverse power law statistics whereas systemwide avalanches have a well-defined mean. Here we apply the concept of a renormalization group to such a model. We demonstrate that invariant analysis based on the renormalization-group theory can explain the power law distribution of energy release by internal avalanches in then large-scale regime of these systems.


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Authors: Tam, Sunny W. Y., Chang, Tom, Chapman, S.C., Watkins, N.W.

Editors: Wilson, Andrew

1 January, 2000
In: Wilson, Andrew (eds.). Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Substorms, St. Petersburg, Russia, May 2000, ESA, 205-208.