May 2017. RRS Sir David Attenborough Cruise Planning and Operations Workshop Report

This report summarises the presentations, discussions, conclusions and recommendations of a workshop on research cruise planning and operations for the UK’s new polar research vessel, the RRS Sir David Attenborough (SDA). The aim of the workshop was to explore and understand the scientific, technical, operational and  communications implications of the new ship, and help develop new ways of working that optimise its use given new opportunities provided.

The workshop identified the following recommendations with respect to bringing the ship into service via sea-trials and rehearsal cruises, and optimising delivery subsequent research cruises.

The following participants contributed to this report via workshop discussions and post-workshop correspondence:

Povl Abrahamsen (BAS), Andy Barker (BAS), Joana Beja De Almeida(BODC), Nigel Bird (NERC), Steve Bremner (BAS), Ian Brooks (Leeds), Neil Brough (BAS), Linda Capper (BAS), Natalie Clark (NERC), Louise Darroch (BODC), Colin Day (NOC/NMF), Mike Dinn (BAS), Michelle Dyer (NERC), Sophie Fielding (BAS), Yvonne Firing (NOC), Elaine Fitzcharles (BAS), Jon Fuhrmann (BAS), Dominic Hodgson (BAS), Andy Jeffries (BAS), Brian King (NOC), Rob Larter (BAS), Ray Leakey (SAMS/NERC), Heinrich Miller (AWI), Helen Peat (BAS), Christine Peirce (Durham), Mike Pinnock (BAS), Alex Poulton (Heriot Watt), Mark Preston (BAS), Andrew Rees (PML), Jeremy Robst (BAS), Randy Sliester (BAS), Ralph Stevens (BAS) , Paul Tyler (NOC), Rob White (BAS), Malcolm Woodward(PML), Simon Wright (BAS)


4 June, 2017