Improved air-mass factors for ground-based total NO2 measurements: a sensitivity study

We present an overview of exisiting problems in air-mass factor calculations for NO2 vertical column measurements by UV-visible ground-based spectrometry, Sensitivity studies made using different radiative transfer models allow us to identify and to quantify sources of uncertainties in clculations, and domiment effects are multiple scattering (4%) and profile variations due to diurnal (10%) and seasonal changes (16%)


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Authors: Sarkissian, A., Richter, A., Van Roozendael, M., Lambert, J.-C., Granville, J., Vendenberghe, J.-M., Buchwitz, M., Hoiskar, B.A.K., Floisland, I., Tornkvist, K., Roscoe, H.K., Goutail, F., Pommereau, J.-P.

Editors: Harris, N.R.P., Guirlet, M., Amanatidis, G.T.

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1 January, 2000
In: Harris, N.R.P., Guirlet, M., Amanatidis, G.T. (eds.). Stratospheric ozone 1999. Proceedings of the fifth European symposium, Saint Jean de Luz, France, 1999, Luxembourg, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, 730-733.