Geomorphological map of Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island

The bedrock geology of the peninsula is described briefly as Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous marine sedimentary, volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks, intruded by igneous bodies. The geomorphological map includes 63 morphogenetic terms differentiated by eight colours. The humid maritime climate of the area, with snow and ice melting in summer, favours the development of a drainage network. Information about the biological and chemical features of its lakes and streams has also been included.


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Authors: Lopez-Martinez, Jernimo, Thomson, M.R.A., Arche, Alfredo, Bjorck, Svante, Ellis-Evans, John Cynan, Hatway, B., Hernandez-Cifuentes, F., Hjort, Christian, Ingolfsson, Olafur, Ising, J., Lomas, Simon, Martinez de Pison, E., Serrano, Enrique, Zale, Rolf, King, S.

1 January, 1996