Geodetic observations of the ocean surface topography, geoid, currents, and changes in ocean mass and volume


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Authors: Shum, C.K., Plag, Hans-Peter, Schroter, Jens, Zlotnickie, Victor, Bender, Peter, Braun, Alexander, Cazenave, Anny, Chamber, Don, Duan, Jianbin, Emery, William, Fotopoulos, Georgia, Gouretski, Viktor, Gross, Richard, Gruber, Thomas, Guo, Junyi, Han, Guoqi, Hughes, Chris ORCIDORCID record for Chris Hughes, Ishii, Masayoshi, Jayne, Steven, Johannessen, Johnny, Knudsen, Per, Kuo, Chung-Yen, Leuliette, Eric, Levitus, Sydney, Maximenko, Nikolai, Miller, Laury, Morison, James, Rashid, Harunur, Ries, John, Rothache, Markus, Rummel, Reiner, Shibuya, Kazuo, Sideris, Michael, Song, Y. Tony, Stammer, Detlef, Thomas, Maik, Willis, Josh, Woodworth, Philip ORCIDORCID record for Philip Woodworth

Editors: Hall, J., Harrison, D.E., Stammer, D.

1 January, 2010
In: Hall, J., Harrison, D.E., Stammer, D. (eds.). Proceedings of OceanObs’09: Sustained Ocean Observations and Information for Society, Vol. 2., Noordwijk, The Netherlands, European Space Agency, 923-936.