Fungus-invertebrate interactions in Antarctica

In this chapter, we review the available literature on the associations of invertebrates and fungi across the different environments of Antarctica, the diversity underlined by this type of association and how the Antarctic fungal communities and their ecology can be affected by changes such as those in climate. We describe fungal interactions with individual groups of invertebrates, such as nematodes and insects, in both terrestrial and marine habitats. We conclude the chapter by exploring future possibilities for research regarding the impacts that environmental change and the introduction of non-native species may have in the region.


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Authors: Simões, Felipe Lorenz, Convey, Peter ORCIDORCID record for Peter Convey, Drumond, Láuren, da Costa Coelho, Lívia, Rosa, Luiz Henrique

Editors: Rosa, L.

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1 June, 2019
In: Rosa, L. (eds.). Fungi of Antarctica, Cham, Springer, 201-219.
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