Artificial Intelligence and big data technologies for Copernicus data: The EXTREMEEARTH project

ExtremeEarth is a three-year H2020 ICT research and innovation project. Its main objective is to develop Artificial Intelligence and big data technologies that scale to the large volumes of big Copernicus data, information and knowledge, and apply these technologies in two of the European Space Agency (ESA) Thematic Exploitation Platforms (TEP): Food Security and Polar.


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Authors: Koubarakis, Manolis, Stamoulis, George, Bilidas, Dimitris, Ioannidis, Theofilos, Mandilaras, George, Pantazi, Despina-Athanasia, Papadakis, George, Vlassov, Vladimir, Payberah, Amir H., Wang, Tianze, Sheikholeslami, Sina, Hagos, Desta Haileselassie, Bruzzone, Lorenzo, Paris, Claudia, Weikmann, Giulio, Marinelli, Daniele, Eltoft, Torbjørn, Marinoni, Andrea, Kræmer, Thomas, Khaleghian, Salman, Ullah, Habib, Troumpoukis, Antonis, Kostopoulou, Nefeli Prokopaki, Konstantopoulos, Stasinos, Karkaletsis, Vangelis, Dowling, Jim, Kakantousis, Theofilos, Datcu, Mihai, Yao, Wei, Dumitru, Corneliu Octavian, Appel, Florian, Migdall, Silke, Muerth, Markus, Bach, Heike, Hughes, Nick, Everett, Alistair, Kiærbech, Ashild, Pedersen, Joakim Lillehaug, Arthurs, David, Fleming, Andrew ORCIDORCID record for Andrew Fleming, Cziferszky, Andreas ORCIDORCID record for Andreas Cziferszky

Editors: Soille, P., Loekken, S., Albani, S.

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17 May, 2021
In: Soille, P., Loekken, S., Albani, S. (eds.). Proceedings of the 2021 conference on Big Data from Space, Publications Office of the European Union,
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