GEOMAP 6 — Geology and geomorphology of Deception Island, Sheet 6


Scale: 1:250 000

Edition: 1

Published: 2002

Size: 75 x 85 cm

Size Folded: 21 x 30 cm

Format: Folded map and booklet

ISBN: Folded 978-0-85665-176-2

Description: The BAS GEOMAP Series includes full-colour maps on a geoscientific theme. Each map is folded and supplied in a plastic wallet, accompanied by an illustrated explanatory booklet (A4 format).

Topographic, geomorphological and geological maps of Deception Island, an active and unique volcanic caldera in the South Shetland Islands, just off the northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. With the three maps comes an in depth, 77 page booklet explaining the maps and including additional information on this enigmatic island.

The geological and geomorphological maps have been probuced in collaboration with the University of Madrid. The topographic map has been produced by the Servico Geográáfico del Ejército. All maps are in Spanish and English.