Upper atmosphere processes & geospace


  Certain ground based technologies, such as electrical power grids, pipelines and railways are susceptible to the effects of Space Weather. Changes in the way the magnetic fields of the …


Space debris is emerging as a key problem for humanity with the potential to cause major socio-economic impacts. It is currently estimated that there are over 900,000 pieces of debris …

BAS scientists support NASA rocket mission

9 May, 2022

Dr Andrew Kavanagh of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) Space Weather team has supported a new National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) rocket experiment which aims to uncover unique features of our atmosphere that enable life on Earth.

Antarctica experiences rare total solar eclipse

3 December, 2021

A rare total solar eclipse in Antarctica this weekend (Saturday 4 December) is giving researchers a unique opportunity to learn more about how solar eclipses affect space weather. The next …