SDA Science Trials

The RRS Sir David Attenborough begins its polar science trials in Antarctica. A team of 30 national and international scientists, engineers and technical staff are working on the ship for almost two months of science trials – the first to test the ship’s science capabilities in cold and deep polar waters.

The team will run a range of scientific equipment and systems, several for the first time to test equipment covering oceanography, chemistry, and marine biology. They will also work collaboratively to test out the large laboratory facilities to do multidisciplinary research.

The ship has been operating in and around Antarctica since December, delivering key personnel and cargo to British Antarctic Survey’s research stations. As part of getting the ship fully operational for science, these trials will allow the team on board to use science equipment for the first time around Antarctica.

We hope to share blogs, photos and snippets of video to show you the team in action. You can keep up to date with how the teams are getting by following #SDAscience on Twitter.

Live webcam from RRS Sir David Attenborough:

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SDA in AntarcticaSDA during ice trialsSDA Bridge