Meteorological measurements

Meteorological measurements have been collected at Halley since 1957, first with manual instruments and then more recently with automated sensors. The meteorological data are use in real time for aircraft operation and also sent to the UK Met Office for distribution on the Global Telecommunication System (GTS) to be used in forecast models. The data are also archived so that they can be used for research.


Instruments on the met mast include: * Pressure sensor * Wind sensors * Sunshine sensor * Two precipitation monitors (one at 5 metres and one at 10 metres to help distinguish between blowing and falling snow during blizzards) To the right is a Stevenson screen, housing standard and max and min thermometers for calibration purposes along with an electronic humidity probe and an electronic temperature sensor that take a reading every second. Incoming and outgoing long and shortwave radiation is also measured out by the Stevenson screen.

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Steve Colwell

Head of Meteorology and Ozone monitoring

Atmosphere, Ice and Climate team