10 December, 2021

Applications for PhD projects with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) are now open for October 2022 admission. BAS currently supports over 100 PhD students, working on a huge variety of projects.

Snow analysis at UK NERC Arctic Research Station. Credit: Pete Bucktrout.

Visit the BAS Student Training and PhD Opportunities page for details of over 40 potential PhD projects and eligibility information for 2022. There is an amazing range of potential PhD projects to explore, spanning different geographical locations and areas of scientific interest.

Learning in the field. Credit: Ed Pope.

Most application deadlines are early January 2022, please check details of individual projects to ensure you submit your application in time.

PhD projects with BAS are generally offered in collaboration with our Doctoral Training Partnerships (DTPs) and Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs).

A group of people in a room
Caption: Polar Horizons Programme. Credit: Huw Griffiths.

BAS is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and works with its partners to deliver this commitment, including the Diversity in UK Polar Science Initiative.

BAS Student Training and PhD Opportunities 2022.