21 September, 2010

Professor Paul Rodhouse, biological oceanographer with the British Antarctic Survey, has been appointed to the Science and Innovation Strategy Board (SISB) of the Natural Environment Research Council. SISB is responsible for developing the NERC science strategy, and advising the Council on funding of new programmes and initiatives.

Paul, who is also Principal Scientist for the South Georgia Government’s Fisheries Laboratory at King Edward Point, has an extensive publication record on the biology, ecology and sustainable management of marine resources in the Antarctic, South Atlantic, Peru Current, USA, Ireland and the UK. His recent research has been on recruitment processes in short-lived species, on spatial dynamics of fishing fleets, and on interactions between commercial fisheries and higher predators. He is an honorary Professor in the Department of Zoology at the University of Aberdeen.

Paul said:

“I am pleased and honoured to be appointed to SISB. Public funded science has to work extremely hard to make every taxpayer’s pound work to maximum effect and this is a vital time for strategic planning. Recessionary cycles must stimulate critical thinking about how the world will look in the future, what science will be needed and how to place ourselves to capitalise on the opportunities that will arise. I look forward to working with the SISB team to develop this thinking”

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