12 November, 2015 News stories

British Antarctic Survey participates in Live Earth 2015

Rothera Research Station band ‘The Skadoos’ has written and performed a song called ‘Holding up the World’ which will be premiered online this Friday/Saturday as part of Live Earth 2015!

Live Earth 2015 is a 24 hour live broadcast on 13/14 November via the dedicated website

Skadoos Promo
The Skadoos will perform ‘Holding up the World as part of Live Earth 2015

‘The Skadoos’ is made up of eight station support staff (including an electrician, plumber, doctor and polar guide) who have just over-wintered at Rothera Station, enduring two months of complete darkness.

24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth brings the world together to highlight the issue of climate change globally. Former US Vice President Al Gore, artists and influencers, and millions across the planet will come together for a global day of action and music to celebrate progress across continents.

In 2007 Rothera Research Station band ‘Nunatak’ participated in Live Earth, which featured seven concerts across seven continents to raise the awareness of climate change. The 5-person indie rock band played two songs ‘If you’d do it all again’ and ‘how many people’, which were broadcast around the world to millions of viewers.