5 February, 2015

Long serving BAS manager awarded second honour

Mike Pinnock, one of the British Antarctic Survey’s longest serving managers, has been awarded a Second Clasp by HM The Queen.

The Second Clasp is added to the Polar Medal which Mike was awarded in 1985 for his work supporting the atmospheric science carried out at the Halley research stations.

In 29 years of service at BAS, Mike has maintained a commitment to science in Antarctica through his work as an engineer, research leader and senior administrator. His practical field experience, leadership qualities and engineering skills were crucial to the establishment of the PACE HF backscatter radar at Halley in the 1987/88 season. The system is still in operation.

Mike has spent long spells of duty in Antarctica, including three winters on the Brunt ice shelf.

He played a leading role in the delivery of Halley VI, the newest version of the research station.

Mike said:

“I’m very much aware of what a great honour this is, noting how few second clasps have been awarded. My Polar Medal was awarded in 1985: I’m certain this clasp reflects the scientific progress BAS as a whole has made since that time. It’s been an amazing and very exciting journey.”