9 March, 2022

Looking for a new challenge? British Antarctic Survey has launched its latest recruitment campaign for a wide range of jobs in Antarctica for the 2022/23 Antarctic season.

Antarctica is the coldest and most isolated continent in the world. It is also the most exhilarating, providing the most unique and spectacular setting for our vital scientific research. We employ experts from many different professions to carry out our science and keep the lights on, feed the teams and keep everyone safe!

A man is cross country skiing in the snow
Looking for a job in Antarctica? Visit bas.ac.uk/vacancies

Its an opportunity of a lifetime, according to BAS’ HR Business Partner James Miller:

“We have world-class laboratories, accommodation buildings, offices and technical facilities at the five research stations operated by BAS. We need the best trade and support professionals to keep everything running smoothly and provide top quality support to our science programme. The chance to work on the ice, surrounded by stunning scenery, icebergs, penguins, whales and seals is an opportunity of a lifetime and will be a fantastic experience.”

Ollie Darke, now Head of Estates at BAS, who started off as a Steel Erector in Antarctica says:

“My advice for anyone contemplating a job with British Antarctic Survey is just go for it! My time in Antarctica was the most incredible experience of my life and the memories I made there will last a lifetime.”

BAS is recruiting for jobs in Antarctica
Visit bas.ac.uk/vacancies for more information

Contracts run from six to 18 months. The benefits package includes a starting salary of £25,179, with a 10% bonus on successful completion. In addition, all living expenses are covered – accommodation, food, travel, specialist clothing, tools and training. An allowance is also paid if significant training is needed at BAS Head Office in Cambridge before deployment.

Job seekers can apply online: bas.ac.uk/vacancies. Closing date for most roles is 31 March 2022.

Jobs in Antarctica on offer include:

Boating Officer – Rothera and King Edward Point


Diesel Power Generation Technician

Electrical Maintenance Technician – Summer

Electrical Maintenance Technician – Winter

Electronics Engineer

Field Dive Officer – Rothera

Field Guide

IT Engineer

Marine Assistant – Rothera

Marine Biologist – South Georgia

Marine Biologist – Rothera

Marine Operations Assistant – Rothera

Marine Maintenance Technician (Summer)

Mechanical Maintenance Technician (Winter)

Meteorological Observer and Technician

Radio Officer

Station General Assistant

Steel Erector

Summer Chef – Rothera Research Station

Tower Supervisor

Winter Chef – Rothera Research Station

Zoological Field Assistant