6 June, 2017 News stories

Horizon documentary ‘Antarctica Ice Station Rescue’ broadcasts on Wednesday 7 June @ 21:00 on BBC Two

In 2016 British Antarctic Survey (BAS) invited BBC film-maker Natalie Hewit to its Halley VI Research Station to document the extraordinary process of relocating its station. Hewit spends three months following team members as they tackle the huge task of towing the eight modules 23 kms across the ice to their new site, Halley VIa.

BBC film-maker Natalie Hewit spent 3 months at Halley Research Station

The film follows the process through key characters as they lead their teams to move the modules, which have a combined weight of over 900 tonnes. She also spends time with the support staff who keep the station running, such as French ex-Michelin star chef Olivier Hubert who creates amazing dishes and cakes to keep the teams well-fed and happy. At Halley people have been collecting data for the past 60 years and meteorologist Carolyn Graves shows the very machine that helped scientists spot the hole in the ozone layer in 1985.

According to the review in the Radio Times, the film follows the work of the everyday heroes who have been challenged to move a vital polar research station.

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