23 April, 2004

Press Release Fancy working in Antarctica? British Antarctic Survey brings \’Antarctica\’ to Birmingham The Buttermarket, Brindley Place, Thursday 29 April, 2.00 – 6.30pm 23 April 2004 PRNo 5/2004 Antarctica is coming to Birmingham! For a chance to find out about a career in Antarctica come along to a special exhibition by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) at The Buttermarket, Brindley Place on Thursday 29 April. Between 2.00 – 6.30pm, BAS staff will be on hand to give an insight into what it\’s like to live and work in the frozen continent. The visit coincides with a new Antarctic exhibition of paintings by artist Keith Grant at Numberninethegallery in Brindley Place. British Antarctic Survey operates two royal research ships and five scientific research stations in and around Antarctica. Scientists and support staff operate these year round. At this time of year the Survey is recruiting plumbers, carpenters, builders, steel erectors, Communications and electronics engineers, chefs and other trades people to join their teams working in the amazing continent. Contracts run from four to 18 months. It\’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Mechanical Services Engineer Andy Binney, who spends six months each year working at Rothera Research Station says, \”To work in an environment surrounded by icebergs, penguins and seals is just amazing and there\’s a great atmosphere between all the staff on station.\”

To find out more and to claim a free copy of this year\’s BAS calendar (while stocks last) visit The Buttermarket, Brindley Place, in Birmingham on Thursday 29 April from 2.00 – 6.30pm.

For specific enquiries contact the BAS Personnel Office on telephone (01223) 221508, email: employment@bas.ac.uk or visit the website at www.antarctica.ac.uk/employment.

Issued by British Antarctic Survey Press Office. Athena Dinar tel: 01223 221414; email a.dinar@bas.ac.uk , mobile 07740 822229. Linda Capper tel: 01223 221448; email l.capper@bas.ac.uk; mobile 07714 233744

Notes to Editors: The British Antarctic Survey Birmingham visit coincides with a new Antarctic exhibition of paintings by artist Keith Grant at Numberninethegallery in Brindley Place (www.numberninethegallery.com). Keith Grant visited Rothera Research Station in November 2001 as part of the BAS Artists and Writers Programme. The scheme aims to promote Antarctica and the research undertaken by BAS to new audiences. Keith Grant\’s paintings will be on display until 21 May 2004. Prices start at around ?500. British Antarctic Survey is a component of the Natural Environment Research Council and is responsible for the majority of the UK Government\’s research in Antarctica. The Survey employs over 400 staff, and supports three stations in the Antarctic, at Rothera, Halley and Signy, and two stations on South Georgia, at King Edward Point (since 2001) and Bird Island. The Antarctic operations and science programmes are executed and managed from Cambridge, and rely on the support of a wide-ranging team of professional staff. For more information visit the web site at www.antarctica.ac.uk.