7 August, 2020

Please join us in congratulating Dr Huw Griffiths, Marine Biogeographer at British Antarctic Survey, who has been awarded the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Medal for Education and Communication. The award was presented online at the SCAR open science conference closing ceremony today (07 Aug 2020).

The citation recognised Huw as an authentic and passionate advocate for making science accessible for all. Huw’s work in science communication ranges from regular fixtures at the Lyme Regis Fossil Festival, where he shares with the public how polar scientists, past and present, have equipped themselves to study geology and the environment in the Antarctic, to more recent online work during the COVID-19 lockdown to bring Antarctic science to wide audience at home.

Huw’s continued commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion was particularly praised, most recently in his tireless support of the Diversity in UK Polar Science Initiative. Huw is a founding member of the Pride in Polar Research network and an advocate for addressing the challenges the LGBTQ+ community face when undertaking research in unique and international working environments.

In his acceptance speech, Huw emphasised

“It’s our job as a polar family to educate ourselves how to make everyone welcome. We have to improve diversity and inclusivity for everybody in polar science.”