1 August, 2007

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have investigated very thoroughly the carbon monoxide incident at their Lagoon hut close to Rothera research station in the Antarctic at 67.35 South 68.14 West, in July 1999.

Since Dr Lesley Thomson was affected by that incident BAS wish to apologise to her for any action or omission on their part.

In particular BAS acknowledge that:

  1. ventilation in the hut was inadequate;
  2. not all of the heating and cooking equipment in the hut was fit for its purpose;
  3. there was no carbon monoxide monitor in the hut;

BAS policy is always to learn from incidents, and then to minimise the risk of repetition by introducing changes of policy, management or training. This has guided the BAS approach after the Lagoon hut incident. It is recognised that none of these subsequent improvements can alleviate the problems and difficulties Dr Thomson has personally experienced, for which BAS have great sympathy.

British Antarctic Survey
August 2007