4 April, 2012 News stories

The BBC Frozen Planet series, which generated huge public interest in the polar regions, continues to engage large audiences. At the recent Missoula International Wildlife Film Festival in the US, episode 7 of the series ‘On Thin Ice’ which featured glaciologist Dr Andy Smith from British Antarctic Survey was awarded the Sapphire Award (Second Place) within the Best of Festival category. The episode also won the award for Best Narration and an award for Hero in a Wildlife Film which was presented to the series narrator Sir David Attenborough.

This year’s Times Cheltenham Science Festival (12–17 June) — one of the UK’s leading science festivals attracting more than 300 of the world’s greatest scientists, comedians and writers — features the BBC Frozen Planet series. On Wednesday 13 June, Dr Andy Smith, Kathryn Jeffs from BBC Natural History Unit (who made Frozen Planet) and Mark Brandon from Open University (who advised on the series) will speak at a session about how the series was made. The three-way talk will include clips from the programmes and behind the scenes footage of filming challenging sequences with killer whales, polar bears and deadly ice stalactites as well as a first-hand account of being involved in filming.

The talk is from 4.00–5.00pm on Wednesday 13 June and tickets cost £7 per person.

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