20 June, 2016

The medical evacuation from the US South Pole station via British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station has been completed successfully.

A Twin Otter arrived in Punta Arenas, Chile in the early hours (UK time) of Thurs 23rd June.

The US National Science Foundation decided to use the medical evacuation flight to bring out two patients. Both patients are seasonal employees through Lockheed Martin Antarctic Support Contract, the prime contract for operations and research support to NSF for the US Antarctic Program.

Twin Otter at Rothera
A Twin Otter arrives at Rothera from the South Pole

It is currently mid-winter in Antarctica. Normally, flights in and out of Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station are not planned between February and October due to the extreme cold and darkness.

BAS Director of Operations, Tim Stockings, said:

“The team at Rothera has done an outstanding job over the last week to ensure that everything they could do to contribute to success went smoothly. The fact that so far all has gone to plan is testament to their preparation and professionalism.”

In a statement, Kelly Falkner, head of the US Antarctic Programme, said:

“On behalf of all of us in the U.S. Antarctic Program, I wish to thank the people around the globe who used our Facebook page to express their support for the Kenn Borek pilots, the South Pole community, the British Antarctic Survey and all of our national and international colleagues who contributed to this week’s medical-evacuation flight.”