6 December, 2023 News stories

The Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition celebrates the power of photography in capturing scientific phenomena happening all around us, and the role great images play in making science accessible to a wide audience.

In 2023, scientists from across the world were invited to send in their images in the categories of Astronomy, Behaviour, Earth Science and Climatology, Ecology and Environmental Science, and Microimaging.

Congratulations to Professor Mike Meredith, an oceanographer at British Antarctic Survey, for being nominated in the Earth Science category for his photograph ‘Burning through the frozen South’.

Burning through the frozen South: runner up in the Royal Society Publishing Photography Competition. Credit_ Mike Meredith.

Professor Meredith explains:

“Many have commented that Antarctica feels like a different planet; perhaps this is especially true during the fiery sunsets that can last for hours. Whilst on fieldwork at the Antarctic Peninsula in 2020, we watched the dying rays picking out gaps between ice floes, creating a landscape that seemed like lava. To us, it appeared emblematic of the rapid heating and drastic loss of ice that this part of Antarctica is now suffering.”

Photo taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150; 1/125s, f/5.2, 108mm. No post-processing or filters applied.