Live lesson: Visit Rothera Research Station – 3rd May 2024

Our next live lesson takes off from BAS Cambridge on a virtual visit to Rothera Research Station at 1.45pm, 3 May 2024. 

Supporting the KS2 curriculum, the lesson will give children the chance to find out about the facilities at the station and the challenges faced in trying to modernise it without impacting upon this special environment. We’ll also be taking the classes on an exciting virtual visit to Rothera Research Station. This allows students to explore and learn more about our largest research station in Antarctica.

Lined up on the lesson plan are climate change, sustainability, engineering and construction, scientific research, geography and the polar regions, and living things. 

Deputy Chief Pilot, Vicky Auld will be talking about the Rothera runway and flying into Antarctica while Benthic Ecologist Ryan Mathews will showcase Antarctic wildlife and explain the importance of environmental surveys. Our AIMP director Elen Jones and Assistant Project Manager Eliot Perez will be with us from Rothera to tell us about what’s involved in modernising a research station with a tour of the Discovery Building. And finally Carl Robinson, Head of Airborne Survey Technology, will discuss the use of drones and the modern technology we need to explore the region. 

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A large ship in the water
Rothera Research Station on Adelaide Island, Antarctic