Tim, field assistant and winter station leader

Born in Chelmsford, Tim has worked as a Ski Leader in the Alps and a Geography supply teacher before joining BAS almost 4 years ago.

Always having had a taste for adventure, Tim was only 18 when he joined his first expedition to the Arctic, which is when he learned about BAS. Tim soon discovered the possible future opportunities that would enable him to fulfil his personal goals and challenges. Nine years on, having gained the required experience, he now leads others through their Antarctic experiences.

Field Assistant Role:

“As a field Assistant, I train staff in safe mountain travel and campcraft and with work with scientists as their guide in their field projects” said Tim “I also get involved in many other activities (especially digging!) and like to get out and about as much as possible.”

The wintering Field Assistants spend around 2 months in the Field on training trips and the remainder of the winter is spent dealing with sea ice activities, maintaining the field equipment and getting everything ready for the next summer.

Winter Station Leader Role:

As Winter Base Commander Tim’s role is vital and rewarding. “I am first point of contact at the station for Cambridge, my main role is to ensure things run smoothly over the winter months”. Tim has the day to day problems to deal with — from buildings to science, personnel issues to the occasional snowdrifts!

Humbling experience:

“The most fascinating part of my job is getting to go to amazing places and doing amazing things. I like walking amongst icebergs in the middle of winter on the frozen sea. Living at the station is very comfortable and it is very easy to take your surroundings for granted, it’s not as cold as you might imagine although it does offer some surprises!”

Being away from friends and family can sometimes be quite difficult and you do need their understanding and support but as Tim says “If you enjoy hard work and remote living as much as you do climbing and the mountains, then this is probably the job for you, a once in a life time opportunity to see amazing places and meet great people.”