When aliens attack….Antarctica

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Join Jesamine Bartlett – polar ecologist at the University of Birmingham and British Antarctic Survey, in association with the British Ecological Society for a family friendly, interactive talk on invasive species with Q&As.

Thursday 29 November 6.45 – 10 pm

When aliens attack….Antarctica!: Antarctica is the last great wilderness on Earth: remote, wild and extreme, not a lot is able to live there. It is the least colonised continent on the planet. But an increase in human activity and climate change is changing this and alien plants and animals are being introduced….and some are staying. Antarctica, is being invaded!

Hosted at the Ulster Natural History Musuem NI, as part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival, the event features a series of talks from expert speakers as they discuss humanity’s future – exploring our impact on the planet and how we might avoid disaster.

Pre-booking is essential.

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