Understanding the Paris Climate Summit (COP21)

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In 2015, France will host and preside over the 21st Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP21/CMP11), otherwise known as “Paris 2015” from November 30th to December 11th. COP21 will be a crucial conference, as it needs to achieve a new international agreement on the climate, applicable to all countries, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C.

This briefing event at Cambridge University MR2 Centre for Mathematical Sciences is brought to you by the Cambridge Centre for Climate Science (CCfCS). See full programme here.  Registration is not required, but registering helps the organisers estimate how much catering to order.   Register here.

Scientific and political context for the upcoming climate summit: Hopes and expectations for the Paris Protocol meeting


“Climate science: a personal view of what we know and what we don’t know”

Emily Shuckburgh, British Antarctic Survey

“Energy – Lessons from nature”

Professor Sir Richard Friend, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge

“Why the Montreal Protocol worked”

Professor John Pyle, Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge

“Climate science and global politics, through Paris 2015 and beyond”

Sir David King, UK Special Representative for Climate Change


Dan Jones, British Antarctic Survey